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To me there is no poetry quite so moving and stirring as the words of Dr Maria Montessori.

She was not only an insightful scientist but a profound philosopher, an unapologetic advocate for the rights of children and a powerful orator with a persuasiveness that echoes through the ages.

Dr Montessori encouraged adults to cultivate 'prepared environments' for children that are filled with beauty and dignity. What better way to achieve this goal than by using her own words as part of the decor for the environment? 

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The quotes are printed on high-quality photographic art paper, accompanied by stunning visual imagery to illustrate and reinforce the content of the quote. The paper is thicker than ordinary 

Please note that this product is for the print only and does not come with a frame.

The photo paper can easily be trimmed slightly to fit a range of frames according to your personal tastes or the decor of your own 'prepared environment'. 

The dimensions vary slightly for individual prints and are as follows:

Growth is not merely an increase in size, it is a transformation: 21 w x 27.5 h

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind: 30w x 20h

Of all things love is the most potent: 30w x 20h

Please note that we are currently trialling our very first 'prototype' prints and we are sure they will evolve over time as we adjust the printing style, the positioning of the text and the dimensions of our prints. Our prototypes feature our name but our future generations of quote prints will drop this particular aspect. Just as we 'follow the needs of the child' in the classroom we would love to reflect the preferences of our adult audience too by fine-tuning our quote prints according to your needs. You can be part of this process by emailing to...

  • Share your favourite Montessori quote that you'd love to see depicted in a print.
  • Let us know whether you prefer flat photographic prints or if you'd like to see canvas prints added to the range.

In the near future we will also be introducing a more abstract art range as a background for our quotes, courtesy of our own in-house creative genius Andrew Matheson (okay, as his wife I may be a little biased but I'm sure you'll love his artwork almost as much as I do!)