Montessori & the EYLF Outcomes DVD & Booklet set

Montessori Management and Mentoring


This set features the DVD filmed and edited by Jessica Langford (of Montessori Child and 'Montessori Management & Mentoring') focusing on providing a visual representation, and linguistic explanation, of the links between the Montessori method and the Learning Outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.
The DVD includes short films focusing individually on each of the 5 Learning Outcomes, with images and text expressing some of the correlations between these principles and the Montessori approach. The accompanying booklet offers a full transcript of all the text, quotes and explanations featured in the films. This ensures that you do not have to constantly hit the 'pause' button, but can instead refer to the transcript to reflect on or reference aspects of the text.
This set may be useful for the purposes of staff training and development or parent information. It also offers Montessori educators an opportunity to provide further information to NQS Assessors about the links between the EYLF and the Montessori approach. 
To further assist with staff training, parent education and assessment preparation Montessori Child also sells the documents 'Montessori and the NQS Quality Areas', 'Montessori and the EYLF' and 'Bridging the Gap'. 
Reproduction, redistribution or public screenings of the DVD is strictly prohibited. For any questions please email us. 
Please note: The footage featured in the 'Montessori & the EYLF Outcomes' DVD was filmed at Jescott Montessori Pre-school with the written permission of families. To enquire about the logistics and costs of having a similar DVD filmed at your centre, and edited by Jessica Langford, please Contact Us with your specific request.