Moulding Tools Set (Kinetic Sand)




A set of Moulding Tools for our Kinetic Sand. 

The Tools include:

  • Cylindrical block tool 
  • Prism block tool (can make small cubes or 'bricks')
  • 2 x knife tools (for drawing patterns, sculpting shapes or adjusting details)
  • Turret mould (for making 'castle' features)
  • Cone mould
  • 2 x decoration moulds 

The Moulding Tools enhance the use of Kinetic Sand by providing a more structured, purposeful sculpting experience. 

The makers of Kinetic Sand describe it as "98% sand, 2% magic"...and that's a perfect description! It's so hard to find the words to describe the feeling and movement of this sand - it behaves almost as though it is a living, breathing organism! So the best thing to do is to watch the video below.. 


We offer the Kinetic Sand in a 1kg Box or 5kg Box - click here to view and order!