Moveable Alphabet Box

Wood Puzzles


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The Moveable Alphabet Box is designed to fit the letters of the Magnetic Moveable Alphabet set. This allows the letters to be organised into individual compartments. The child is then set up for success with recognising and locating each letter for word-building exercises. The Magnetic Moveable Alphabet letters can be used separately if desired but we recommend the Box for an authentic Montessori experience! 

The box consists of 1 layer divided into 28 sections with a slide on lid. It securely holds a full set of our Magnetic Moveable Alphabet letters.

The Alphabet Box can also be used for other purposes. It can act as a general sorting or storage box. It can also be utilised for other language activities - for instance becoming an 'Initial Sounds Box'. Simply draw (or stick) a letter into each compartment and then find a corresponding object to match to each letter ('a' for 'ant', 'b' for 'ball' and so forth). 

The Moveable Alphabet Box can be used with our model animals from our Initial Sounds and Phonetic Reading sets (coming soon!). 

For some extra resources on presentations with the Moveable Alphabet please feel free to visit Montessori WorldMontessori Guide or Montessori Mom.