Music Maker Set

Bright Baby



A sweet starer set for the little musician in your life! The Music Maker Set consists of 12 miniature instruments. These mini music makers are both aesthetically and aurally inviting, offering the perfect point of interest to invite your child to experiment with creating rhythms, melodies and songs. Manipulating each instrument to provoke its sound also helps to encourage motor coordination, control and concentration.  

Each petite piece creates its own unique sound. They can be introduced one by one, to allow a very young child to focus on individual sounds, or can be used together to play a little song. 

The set includes a mini flute, a drum, a mini metallophone, 2 sticks, a castanet, a rainmaker, a rattling stick and 4 acoustic blocks, each with a different sound... a squeak, a rattle, a tinkle and a jingle.

The presence of multiple pieces can also encourage social interaction, as two or more children collaborate to create their own little 'symphonies'. 

Importantly, the sounds elicited by the instruments are actually pleasant! Some 'toy' instruments make 'noise' not 'music'. 

The manufacturer recommends this product for ages 2+.

The Music Maker Set is by the renowned brand HABA, which is known for its high quality and carefully designed children's resources. HABA only use water-based ecologically friendly, solvent-free lacquers. Multiple lacquer layers render the surface extremely resistant to humidity and wear and tear, allowing the toy to be taken from the hand to the mouth, at any time.