Musical Marble Tree




 A delightful treat to engage the senses of any little learner. An experience of hand-eye coordination, visual stimulation and musical delight - plus a beautiful aesthetic addition to the decor of any room!


The wooden 'leaves' of the Marble Tree provide a journey of colours, shades and size as you travel from the small, light yellow leaves at the top of the tree down to the broad, dark green leaves at the base. As a child absorbs these visual impressions an adult can introduce the language to describe these various observations - just as a Montessori teacher does when introducing the Montessori Sensorial materials. 


As the marble travels down the tree the light but beautiful 'music' begins to sound. A single marble creates a flowing sound similar to a musical scale while a series of marbles rolling together start to create sounds akin to harmonies.
This is a beautiful sensory experience and, for an older child, might also lead to scientific discussions and experiments relating to the correlation between surface area and tone (a little hint for the adults - a larger surface area means that there is a greater distance for the vibrations to travel. This means they lose energy and speed along the way, thus resulting in a slower vibration and therefore a lower tone!). 


As with all of our wooden products the Marble Tree is made from eco-friendly plantation timber. The dyes are non-toxic and eco-friendly and the finish is a natural flax-seed oil. The Marble Tree stands at 30cm tall and arrives fully assembled and with a set of 6 marbles. 


To listen to the sound of the Musical Marble Tree please play the video below:



Please note: Marbles can present a choking-hazard to children who are still "mouthing" objects (placing them in the mouth or rubbing objects along the tongue, gums or lips). Please take care in considering the age(s) and developmental level of any child or children who will be able to access this material. For more information about risk-management please refer to our Safety Advice. For specific information on preventing, and responding to, choking please refer to this advice from Kidsafe SA and the St Johns guidelines for treating infants or children over 1 year of age