Natural Wood Balsam



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Wood is such a valuable and beautiful treasures in a Montessori home or classroom.
Wood provides a beautiful, appealing aesthetic - drawing the child's interest and connecting the child to the beauty of nature. 
Preserving and respecting this beauty requires care. The child who is drawn to the wood can also nurture that material through the act of gently polishing the wood.
The process of polishing allows the child to experience that sense of pride in being responsible...while simultaneously experiencing the joy of creating beauty. Watching the dull wood begin to shine again, and seeing the grains once more stand out once freed from the shackles of dust or fingerprints, is a truly satisfying experience. 
The Natural Wood Balsam is ideal for use by children because, like the wood it protects and preserves, it is from nature. The wax is made from bees wax, Jojoba Oil and blended vegetable oils. It is non-toxic and has a pleasant, subtle honeycomb smell (no unpleasant or lingering chemical smells here!). 
All that is needed is to place a small amount of the balsam on the wood and then gentle wipe with a clean cloth (or paper towel). 
The Wood Balsam is ideal for polishing and maintaining our range of acacia wood trays.
Five Compartment Tray