Nesting Bowls



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A simple and beautiful exercise for young children. With just 5 smooth, wooden bowls this activity is engaging and achievable for older infants and toddlers. When your child outgrows the 'Nesting' exercise the Nesting Bowls easily turn into five lovely containers or display bowls for little treasures.


Many parents and educators will be familiar with the concept of 'nesting' activities. These experiences provide an opportunity for young children to explore concepts of size and encourages them to begin to recognise patterns and sequences. The Nesting Bowls can be used, as the name suggests, for the child to place them in order from largest to smallest with each bowl resting inside the preceding size. The Bowls can also be flipped over and treated like round building blocks to make a tower structure (please see gallery photos). 


When used in the traditional 'nest' format the Bowls provide a self-correcting mechanism; if one bowl is placed out of order during the sequence then the child will find that another bowl will not fit at the end. This creates a classic Montessori-opportunity to engage in self-correction and problem-solving. 


The bowls are particularly beautiful because of their simplicity. Rather than the gaudy decorations and distractingly bright colours found on many 'Nesting' blocks these Nesting Bowls allow the natural beauty of nature to shine through! The grain of the wood is clearly visible and even the finish is soft and natural, rather than overly shiny or glossy. The sensory appeal of the wood is also felt by the fingertips; the smooth, internal walls of the bowls are particularly delightful for little fingers to explore!

If you would prefer something a little more colourful you might like the Nesting Bowls in our Rainbow variant. The Rainbow bowls are (from largest to smallest) red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. They are made from the same beautiful wood but are finished with non-toxic coloured paints. They can be used as colour-sorting bowls once a child has satisfied the urge to engage in nesting.