Oval Basket


A gorgeous little basket to hold a few precious treasures - the dimensions and handles are particularly well-suited to a toddler's tiny hands.

The Oval Basket is a petite and cute basket measuring approx. 20cm x 10cm with a height of approx. 14cm to the lip of the basket and 20cm to the top of the handles. 


The Oval Basket can be used for a variety of purposes (as pictured in our gallery), such as holding a few favourite small board books or to collect natural treasures from the garden such as fresh-picked herbs. For more ideas about utilising baskets please read our Basket Blog!


The Oval Baskets are handmade from strong and durable seagrass. The seagrass tends to make these baskets last much longer than other basket styles (such as wicker or cane) because there is less tendency for 'snapping' or breakage over time. If your toddler rolls onto this seagrass basket it will squash and flatten but then return to its original shape, rather than cracking like a cane basket. 


Please note: Due to the strong but malleable nature of seagrass the baskets do occasionally shift shape during shipping. If this occurs simply reshape the basket by pushing or bending it back into place. If your baskets lose shape over time (or after storing something oddly shaped) you can repeat this reshaping process by wetting the basket by soaking in, or spraying with, water to make the seagrass more pliable and then bend, push or pull the basket back into its original shape and let it dry! 


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