Peacock Colour Viewer


This delightful Colour View discovery board inspires children to experiment and explore freely with colours.

It features pink, blue, green, yellow and orange triangles set into a wooden frame (with rounded edges for safety). It delightfully imitates one of the most majestic displays in nature - the peacock's tail!

The five translucent coloured panels allow the child to peek through and make the world change before their eyes. The grass can become blue, the sky yellow or the water pink! If the child presses his or her face close to the coloured panels then their entire field of vision can be immersed in that hue. If the child stands back a little, and holds the panels up like a frame against a specific object, then the child can watch as one particular element changes colour.

The board can delight a little one with the humour and fun of experimenting with colour. It can also encourage ongoing engagement and concentration as he or she moves around finding new objects to 'transform' with the coloured panels. 

The Peacock Colour Viewer can help the child to develop recognition of colours. 

With the assistance of an adult, the Colour Viewer can also be used to reinforce the names of each colour. Linking these words to such a strong sensory experience with the appearance of the colours may help a child to better recall and relate this language.

The Peacock Colour Viewer measures approximately 20cm length by 10cm width, with a depth/height of approximately 5cm. 

Its small size, its self-contained nature (there are no loose parts) and the convenient handle offered by the peacock's body makes this a portable companion that can travel anywhere with a child. It's the perfect way to keep a child happy and engaged during long car trips or while sitting in the trolley at the supermarket!