Pentatonic Glockenspiel



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Beautifully crafted glockenspiel for those who truly appreciate the magic of music. 

Even the most complimentary words simply do not do justice to this extraordinarily beautiful instrument. 

Carefully crafted and strikingly stunning this glockenspiel will appeal to both the eyes and the ears. With a vastly richer tone from ordinary 'children's xylophones' this is an instrument that will genuinely allow your child to appreciate the magic of music. 
The glockenspiel comes with two mallets to achieve two different sounds to inspire your child. The glockenspiel itself is small and solid and will encourage your child to develop not only a love of music but the innate desire to treasure and care for such a special possession. The tone bars are coated with a fine layer of bees wax and can be polished to restore shine over time (full care instructions are included with the glockenspiel). Perhaps one day your child will be handing this heirloom down to the next generation of musicians!
This would make a perfect gift for a music-loving and discerning family who are welcoming a new member to the band. We have the feeling that even the grown-up learners of the household will enjoy playing this stunning instrument!