Up Periscope! A beautiful and functional child-size Periscope from the fantastic Hape brand of tools, toys and treasures.

The Periscope measures approximately 30cm in length (the wooden section is around 15cm long). It has a diameter of around 5cm. It features an orange wrist strap for easy handling. It is recommended for ages 5+


Using the Periscope allows children to broaden their scope of the world! They can see without being seen, peeping up over objects or around corners. It is a visual aid as well as a little spark to consider science and technology. 

The Periscope is the perfect practical tool for a child to use when exploring the garden as it effectively allows them to see over or around obstacles. 

It is also a great addition to a child's imaginative and dramatic role play. With this object in hand it is easy to picture yourself as the captain of a submarine, peering up through the water, or as a secret spy sneakily peeping around a corner without being seen!

The Periscope can be simply a tool for a child's spontaneous play and observations in the garden, or could become part of a more complex learning experience.

For instance, older children may like to examine the history and cultural significant of periscopes, looking at how they've been used through the ages such as to give tactical advantages in battle.  

Children may also like to explore the science of the Periscope, contemplating how the mirrors line up inside to reflect the image without having to see it directly. Children might even like to use loose mirrors to replicate the effect of the periscope, aligning them at a 45° angle to achieve that 'peek around the corner' effect.