Child's Pizza Set

Mini Whisk


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A fully functional (and super cute!) set of pizza making tools for budding chefs. The Pizza Set includes:
  • Cute miniature Rolling Pin (wooden with red handles). 
  • Miniature Pastry Brush
  • Small Pizza Cutter (functional - requires adult supervision/support)
  • Restaurant quality aluminium Pizza Tray (9 inch)
  • Pizza Recipe Card
  • Small Pizza Box (for storage - or for serving!). 

The included Recipe Card provides two different recipes - one of which is a vegetarian option. This is just a starting point, of course, for exploring the open-ended possibilities of pizza! It is such an ideal cooking experience because of the degree of preparation and creativity involved. There are plenty of steps and stages for a child to participate in - grating cheese, slicing vegetables, spreading sauce and many more! There are so many different ingredients and combinations that allow a child's creativity (and tastebuds!) to flourish. 

Pizza making is also a fantastic social experience. A group of children or a family can work together to prepare the ingredients and make the pizza - there are plenty of jobs so nobody will be left out! I love observing the Practical Life Kitchen in my Montessori classroom as the children work together to prepare the ingredients, roll and flatten the dough, decorate the pizza, clean while it's cooking and then eagerly eat it up. 

In my experience, making pizzas is also a great way of introducing new healthy foods to a reluctant eater. I find it fascinating that many children will loudly proclaim that they dislike a certain fruit or vegetable but will suddenly gobble it up if they've been involved in preparing it! I have seen this occur many times when making pizzas. One child was given the task of slicing the pineapple (from rings into small segments) and as he did this he repeatedly announced "I don't like pineapple, I never eat pineapple". But when the pizza was cooked and cooled he sat down and ate his pineapple covered piece without hesitation - even picking up the segments of pineapple that had dropped on his plate!

I also love the fact that making pizzas often seems to inspire an artistic element! I have noticed that many children, when making an individual pizza, will create patterns or pictures with the ingredient. A 'face' is the favourite of course! Olive eyes, a mushroom nose and pineapple teeth can be topped with some grated cheese hair (and so many other combinations!).  

Please remember to take hygiene procedures and dietary requirements/allergies into account with all cooking experiences - especially in the classroom! 

Please note that the experience of cooking and cutting pizza involves a level of risk. There is a level of risk in all cooking activities (for adults and children alike!) stemming from the presence of sharp utensils and hot ovens / trays. The degree of risk can increase or decrease according to a variety of factors, including the use of protective equipment (such as oven mitts) and the level of adult supervision and support. You can read our advice on Safety and Risk Management but we also remind you to please use caution and common sense when deciding when, where and how a specific activity might be appropriate for your child or students.


By Mini Whisk