Pound a Ball Tower


A beautiful and bright wooden treasure to inspire fine motor skills and strengthen visual tracking. This inviting material is sure to inspire, engage and delight any little one!

The Pound a Ball Tower measures approximately 15 cms in diameter and 38 cms high.

The child places the balls at the top of the tower and then uses the hammer to 'pound' each down into the tower. This movement encourages gross and fine motor skills and helps to develop strength as it takes some force to push the balls through.

The child's eyes are encouraged to 'track' the balls as they tumble and spiral down around the tower. A quiet, subtle sound accompanies the journey as an added point of interest!

The presence of three balls in primary colours encourages the recognition of colours and allows for an adult to introduce the related vocabulary. 

When the Tower is on the shelf the balls snugly sit into their holes on the top. This helps to keep the balls safe and together so the set remains complete. The three holes act as a 'self-correcting' mechanism for a young child packing away - he or she can see (or a parent/teacher can direct their attention towards) the fact that one empty hole means one ball must be missing. So the Tower remains out until the ball is found, replaced and then the complete set returned to the shelf!

The wood used for the Pound a Ball Tower is sourced from sustainable plantation timber and coloured with non-toxic paints.