Rainbow Drum


The Rainbow Drum is an aesthetically beautiful and inviting material that draws a baby or toddler's attention with its colours and keeps them captivated with its sound and motion!

As this delightful Drum spins, it creates a delicate and soft sound. This creates a point of interest to engage a child's focus and inspire them to keep on spinning. With each spin, the child refines their hand-eye coordination and develop intentionality in their movements. 

There is just enough tension on the rotation of the Rainbow Drum to make it a satisfying spin with each tap while also slowing down quickly enough to encourage repetition. This is a really important detail, as some spinning toys have a very loose rotation that spins very quickly or for a prolonged period with each prompt. This can mean that the baby's attention wanders before the motion stops, and they lose interest. With the Rainbow Drum, I find that the slower pace and briefer duration of its spin means that babies are more engaged with repeating the action again and again to continue the motion. 

I love the opportunities for attuned engagement with a nurturing parent or educator. An adult can sit beside the child to help them spin the Drum, or can sit opposite them to make eye-contact over the top of the drum as they take turns spinning it back and forth! 

The Rainbow Drum is a great size for little hands, and at the perfect height for bubs and toddlers who enjoy lying on their tummy and lifting up their head and shoulders to play with the materials in front of them. 

The Rainbow Drum can also be a valuable sensory resource for helping a young child to self-sooth and settle. The repetitive motion, the gentle sound and the connection between mind and body can help a child to feel calm and centred.

The Rainbow Drum comes with a play guide to help parents or educators get started with this resource.

Recommended for age 6 months + 

The Rainbow Drum is from Keepsake Baby Co, who pride themselves on their plastic-free packaging and their ethically sourced materials.