Rainbow Portable Building Set




There is no denying that children love rainbows! They are a familiar feature in many classrooms and homes, with that beautiful spectrum of colour brightening up the atmosphere. Children also enjoy the creativity and problem-solving involved in designing and building with blocks. This Rainbow Building Set perfectly combines both of these engaging elements!

Yet there is another feature of this set that makes it truly special - it is presented in a practical carry case that makes it portable enough to take along on all of your little one's big adventures!

It is as though Maria Montessori herself was whispering in the ear of the designer of this building set. The carry case is natural wood and is a shallow 'tray' style rather than a deeper box so all the pieces are visible at all times. The dimensions of the box also invite order and responsibility because the pieces fit snugly into the box if placed in carefully, but will not fit if they are thrown in carelessly. This self-correcting mechanism is reminiscent of the Montessori Sensorial 'Knobless Cylinder' sets, where some of the boxes actually require the cylinders to be put away in a specific order to allow them to fit. The lid of the box is also a clear perspex so the pieces remain visible (and therefore enticing and appealing!) at all times. The tray-style box, and perspex lid, means that as soon as this set arrives in your home or classroom it is ready to go straight onto the shelf and will immediately invite activity!