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There is something magical about watching a child interact with something as simple yet powerful as a silk scarf. An adult looks at this beautiful Play Silk and we see a few delightful possibilities - for graceful dancing or to line a basket of treasures. A child, on the other hand, looks at this  Silk and sees these possibilities and so much more! 

The Rainbow or Sea Silk acts as an open-ended prop and provokation for countless imaginative activities. From practical applications, such as setting a little picnic mat or acting as a soft bedding to protect a fragile treasured shell, to dramatic role-playing experiences such as learning to fashion a 'nappy' for a doll or wrapping pretend-presents to share with family and friends. 

The Rainbow Silk can be used to support explorations of colour. It can even be manipulated into an arch to represent the shape of a true rainbow. The Sea Silk can represent a pool of water for a story, dramatic performance or song. So many popular children's songs and stories feature water, so it's an ideal and versatile prop (especially for the classroom). The Play Silks are also perfect for Music and Movement sessions as they can be used in dancing and expressive movement.

The Rainbow Silk measures 90cm x 90cm. 

The Sea Silk measures 90cm x 90cm.

The Play Silk is hand-washable...which means that it can also be used to inspire a Practical Life experience for a little learner! A child can be taught to gently wash the silk and place it hanging on the clothesline to dry. Once it's dry the child can then learn to fold, or roll, the silk ready for next time.