Rainbow Sorting Balls



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Six beautiful wooden spheres perfect for sorting. Each ball measures approximately 4.5cm in diameter, making them the perfect size for the little, grasping hands of infants and toddlers.

The child's natural interaction with the balls is likely to encourage spontaneous movement as the balls roll and the child reaches, crawls or toddles to catch them.

The Rainbow Sorting Balls are by Grimm's, so they feature the safe, non-toxic colouring and precision quality that this world renowned brand is famous for.

The Rainbow Sorting Balls are perfectly accompanied by the Rainbow Sorting Boxes. 

Rainbow Sorting Boxes

If the child seeks adult interaction the parent or educator can provide the language related to the material by identifying the names of the colours. If the child is beginning to verbalise words then a 3 Period Lesson can be presented to reinforce the recognition. Start with the three primary colours. Once the child has mastered the name of these colours the three secondary colours can be introduced with another 3 Period Lesson.

  1. Period 1: Show the balls one at a time while naming the colour - “This is red”...”This is blue”...”This is yellow”

  2. Period 2: Place all three balls in front of the child and ask, “Where is red?”...”Where is blue?”...”Where is yellow?”

  3. Period 3: Show the balls one at a time while asking, “What is this?” (Child: “Red”)...”What is this?” (Child: “Blue”)...”What is this?” (Child: “Yellow”)