Rainbow Sorting Boxes



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A beautiful set of six coloured wooden containers in rainbow colours. 

The Rainbow Sorting Boxes can be used (as the name suggests!) for the main purpose of sorting by colour. A child can sort a range of different materials based on their colours by placing them in the corresponding box. This could be a sorting exercise simply for its own sake (such as sorting coloured pom-poms) or could be a natural part of a larger activity (such as sorting coloured beads that will be used for various threading experiences).

The Rainbow Sorting Boxes can also be used for practical purposes, such as storing coloured materials. They would, for instance, make the perfect display for coloured pencils in a child's art area at home or in the classroom.

The Rainbow Sorting Boxes also make a beautiful 'point of interest' in the presentation of various materials. Whatever is being held inside, the exterior of the boxes are absolutely beautiful and will surely invite a child's interest!

The seven boxes can be used as a set, displayed on the wooden base, or they can be presented separately. Two boxes in contrasting colours could be chosen for a toddler's colour sorting activity, three boxes could be chosen to hold the paper materials for a primary colours collage and so on!

The Natural Boxes are from Grimm's Spiel and Holz, so it features the aesthetic beauty and impeccably high-quality that this world-renowned brand is known for. It is made of lime wood and features non-toxic, water based stains.