Rainbow Threading Bobbins


A fantastic first experience that allows a child to manipulate quaint wooden bobbins for sorting, stacking or threading. 

The Rainbow Threading Bobbin set is made from maple wood and limewood, and like all of the high-quality Grimms products they are coloured with non-toxic water based color stain or non-toxic plant based oil finish. 

Each individual bobbin measures approximately 4.5cm in height, and the base itself measures approximately 22.5cm across.

It is a cute, compact and quite self-contained activity that is inviting and beautifully presented from the moment you pop it on the shelf.

The presence of coloured dowels on the base acts as a self-correcting mechanism so that your child can notice if one of the bobbins is missing when it is replaced to the shelf. This detail also helps to promote a sense of order and organisation, while reinforcing colour-matching skills. 

The manufacturer recommends that the Rainbow Threading Bobbins are for use from ages 12 months +.