Reusable Stainless Steel Straws



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You might look at this product and ask - why?

Why would anyone want a reusable straw?

The reason is simple - many children love drinking through straws, but plastic straws create an enormous amount of pointless waste.

In the United States, around 500 million disposable straws are used each day! (Sorry, I haven’t been able to find the same data specific to Australia). That may seem like a lot but think about all the juice boxes, milk shakes, flavoured milks, morning juices.

So one option would be to stop children from using straws entirely - but many parents will know that some children will drink much more when using a straw than they would by sipping from the cup. Perhaps this is partly because straws are seen as ‘fun’ - especially at parties. There are also some drinks that just seem right through a straw - like milkshakes or smoothies. 

The Stainless Steel spoons are the answer. They allow a child to enjoy the fun, and increased hydration, of drinking through a straw but they don’t generate any waste because you can use them time and time again! Simply used the brush (included) to wash them between uses.

Introducing these straws to the child(ren) in your home or classroom helps to promote eco-friendly attitudes and sustainable practices. A child can also learn the Practical Life lesson of using the included brush to clean the inside of the straws between uses.

Cleaning brush for the Green Essentials set.



Cleaning brush for the Eco Cocoon set.

There are two types to choose from:

Green Essentials:

Set of two straws, each in plain stainless steel. Reversible ends.
Includes 1 stainless steel and nylon cleaning brush.
The straws measure approximately 22cm in length with a diameter of 8mm (0.8cm).

Eco Cocoon Pack:
Set of four straws, each with a different colour grip allowing four people to enjoy drinks simultaneously without getting mixed up. One end is a traditional ‘straw’ shape, the other end also has a spoon base. This makes it perfect for iced drinks or smoothies where there may be remnants at the base of the glass that need to be scooped up and devoured!
Includes 1 brush.
The dishwasher safe straws measure approximately 21.5cm in length with a diameter of 7cm at the ‘straw’ end. The ‘spoon’ ends are approximately 3 x 2cm.