Rolling Bell Wheel



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A unique rolling toy to promote sensory awareness and motor movement for infants and toddlers. 

This lovingly crafted Rolling Wheel is from Grimm's Spiel and Holz, so it features the aesthetic beauty and impeccably high-quality that this world-renowned brand is known for. It is made of lime wood and features non-toxic, water based stains for the colours. The circular sides measure 16cm in diameter. 

The circular sides feature three quavers (musical symbols representing an eighth note) to emphasise the musical nature of this beautiful material. 

As it rolls along the bells inside make a subtle 'clunk' sound as they hit each of the wooden panels.

The two circular sides of the wheel are on an angle, with the coloured wooden panels altering in height between them, so it creates a slight xylophone-like effect as the bells evoke different sounds from the different sized panels. When the wheel is sitting flat it has a height of 6cm on one side and 7.5cm on the other. 

The angled nature of the wheel also means that it rolls quite slowly and in a stable manner (tending to remain upright when it finishes rolling). This makes it perfect for little ones who are just starting to coordinate their movements. The little individual can push the bell and then crawl or step forward just a little to catch up with it, before rolling it again and repeating the pattern. This process inspires repetition and engagement.