Rolling Wheel with Bells

$34.00 $69.00

A classic look but a unique size - the Rolling Wheel with Bells provides a gross motor and a sensory experience in one gorgeous package. Available in three designs - Rainbow & Natural Wood, Blue/Green or Pink.

This Rolling Wheel is quite large (15 cm x 14 cm). This is perfect for growing toddlers who enjoy opportunities to exert 'maximum effort' by lifting, carrying and lugging larger objects.   

The Rolling Wheel, as the name suggests, is also perfect for rolling! It can be pushed to make it roll along, with the bells jingling and the colours swirling, creating an attractive point of interest for a young one to follow. It could be followed by sliding, crawling or early walking so it is perfect for a range of developmental stages. Wherever your child is at in terms of their independent movement they may love to push the Wheel forward then follow it, collect it and start all over again! A great way to encourage refinement of movement.

The eyes and ears will be just as engaged as the body. The beautifully colours and shades attract the sense of sight, while the soft and pleasant jingling of the bells entertains the ears.

If you love the look, but you'd prefer a 'rattle' size for tiny fingers to grasp and shake, please check our smaller Rainbow Rolling Rattle.