Roman Building Set




A unique opportunity to combine construction with culture! The Roman Building Set reflects the architectural style of traditional Roman construction. The 41 pieces can be constructed into 

The pieces measure around 5cm x 2.5cm (this is an average size - different pieces vary in dimension!) and when the construction is arranged in its 'traditional' form it measures around 9 x 17 x 28cm. 

To put the blocks into a cultural context I developed a Montessori inspired presentation around it. We first examined the Globe to find the continent of Europe, then the country of Italy, whose capital is Rome. We then examined photographs of ancient Roman ruins as well as restorations and more modern buildings. The children then worked together to arrange the blocks into a formation that reflected the images we'd observed.


The blocks can be used for a variety of purposes - they do not have to lead to that one specific outcome! A child can use his/her imagination to create a range of constructions. What I love most about the open-ended exploration of these particular blocks is that they spontaneously promote a unique focus on balance. The inclusion of columns in the set means that almost any creation will require a bit of engineering and dexterity to make the pieces balance.