Rope & Pulley


A truly unique resource that harks back to a simpler time when children spent more time out building forts in the treetops than swiping across an iPad screen!

The Rope & Pulley is also the perfect way to spark curiosity about the 'S.T.E.A.M' (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) subjects. There are many scientific and engineering concepts embedded into this simple block and tackle set. Your child can have a hands-on experience to help them understand physics through play. A brilliant and easy way to get things up and into your tree house!

The Goki Pulley has 2 moving and 2 fixed reels to replicate a functioning hoist like those once used to lift heavy loads - providing a perfect exploration of a tool that was once the height of 'technology' and still has relevance due to its continued efficacy. It is possible to quadruple energy conservation through the use of the rope and pulley system. The child simply attaches the top carabiner to a solid hook or fixture (such as on a branch, or a rail at the top of the staircase). Special items, or a basket or bag of items, can be attached to the bottom carabiner and the child can then yank the rope to let it ascend. This also encourages teamwork as one friend can stand at the bottom and send up treasures to their mate at the top!

The Pulley is made of solid wood and the included rope measures approximately 12m in length.

The Rope & Pulley has a maximum weight capacity of 50kg, so it can be genuinely be used as an effective tool for a range of purposes. As one little explorer at my own preschool discovered, it was actually strong enough to support his weight as he 'abseiled' up the slippery dip!

The Rope & Pulley is from the world-renowned brand Goki which is known for its quality and attention to detail, so you can be assured that you're investing in an effective tool that will facilitate adventures for your little one. It is manufactured in Germany to strict quality and safety standards, meeting Australian requirements.

Please note: The basket that appears in the photographs is for illustrative purposes only and is not included with the Rope & Pulley. It is simply meant to demonstrate one example of how different objects or vessels can be attached to the base of the rope to extend on the child's play and explorations. 

The Goki Rope & Pulley is recommended for ages 5+

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