Rotary Egg Beater

Montessori Child



I have a soft spot for these Egg Beaters as I remember spending many hours as a child gleefully turning the handle, racing as fast as I could to make bubbles or mix ingredients!

The Rotary Egg Beater, in stainless steel with red accents, measures approximately 25cm in length.

The Egg Beater can be used in place of an electric mixer for a range of recipes in the kitchen.

In my classroom we have also used it as part of our 'care of the environment' work - using it to mix together soap shavings and water (or bubbling up detergent and water solutions) prior to scrubbing activities.

In my own classroom I find that it is particularly popular with very energetic children! It is a tool that requires lots of strength and gumption, so it's a hit with the children who have lots of energy that needs to be channelled into challenging, purposeful activity.

The Beaters require a surprising amount of coordination, control and upper body strength. Having to keep them upright while coordinating the hands to turn the handle is a real challenge to developing dexterity! It can therefore be a fantastic 'extension' experience for children who have mastered a range of fundamental skills in the kitchen.