Rounded Wooden Tray




The Rounded Wooden Tray is an ideal backdrop for small objects or activities.

It measures approximately 23cm wide with a height of around 20cm. It is not a perfect circle but is a rounded shape with a small 'handle' indent on one side. This is the ideal place for little fingers to be positioned if the tray is being carried in a single hand. The tray is quite shallow, with a lip of around 1cm.

The small size of the tray makes it the perfect home for miniatures or simple starter activities. Its petite dimensions make it easy for even a very young child to carry (and the small size acts as a 'self-correcting mechanism' for parents or educators of young toddlers by ensuring that we can't over-complicate the activity!) 

It could be used to present natural materials - such as shells or gemstones - to invite spontaneous, self-directed explorations.

It can also contain smaller activities, such as our Magnetic Wand and Counters.

Top-left: Mini Magnifying Glass & Shells
Top-right: Mini Magnifying Glass & Gems
Middle-left: Abacus Rattle, Heart Rattle Clutching Colour Whirligig
Middle-right: First Sensory Blocks
Bottom-left: Bambino Buckets and Mini Metal Tongs
Bottom-right: Magnetic Wand & Counters

Spray & Polish Set