Rustic Pitcher


The Rustic Pitcher measures approximately 21cm in height with a width of around 12cm at the base. 

It's larger size means that it can be staggered for a range of developmental ages and stages. A younger child might carry it while it is only half full - meaning that it is lighter and there is plenty of space left above the water line so it will not spill as the child perfects the art of carrying a larger jug. An older child can fill it to the top to build the muscular strength of lugging a heavy load.

It is also the perfect pitcher for a toddler who is ready for some 'maximum effort'. It requires the engagement of both hands for carrying and tipping, with lots of strength and control needed to carry it successfully. 

The Rustic Pitcher is multipurpose - as well as being a jug for watering plants it can be used as a vase for larger floral arrangements.

 The Rustic Pitcher also makes a great addition to sand or mud play, as it can carry a sufficient amount of water to create a satisfying puddle, lake or pool!

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