Shadow Chasers


A whimsical tale of a group of children becoming "Shadow Chasers" (until the sun has set!) by the wonderful Elly Mackay.

This book is the perfect example of a "Montessori" early childhood book. It relates to a real, meaningful concept (shadows), it promotes a connection with nature, it uses quality examples of language and it showcases aesthetically beautiful illustrations. It also promotes activity by actually focusing on a storyline of children "chasing their shadows" outdoors. The captivating story helps to open a child's eyes to the wonder and beauty of nature, encouraging a child to wander through the outdoors to interact with the shadows cast by the sun.

Each page contains just a few words of carefully chosen text. The illustrations are rich and vivid with a palette of autumnal colours. The style of the illustrations contains a wonderful depth, with interesting detail in the foreground fading back to soft-focus colours in the background.


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