Sarah's Silks



A gorgeous gift for inspiring musical experiences and encouraging graceful motor-movement!
Available in two variants; Shooting Star, with yellow star and blue tail, or Rainbow, with red ball and multicoloured tail (please choose your preference from the drop-down menu).

Both variants feature soft, beautiful silky tails that just beg to be touched!

The Shooting Star Skytail or Rainbow Skytail can transition happily from indoors to outdoors.

Inside it can be used as a music prop - enhancing dancing or movement experiences in the same way that a traditional silk or scarf might be used. The child can grasp the 'star' in one hand and allow the 'tail' to trail behind, flying gracefully through the air. As a child spins and spirals to the music the Shooting Star or Rainbow will create beautiful patterns in the sky!

In the garden the Skytail can be used as a unique activity to promote coordination and physical control. To create an independent game a child simply throws the Skytail high into the air and attempts to catch it as it falls back to earth. At the introductory level the child can just hold the 'star' (or red ball) and throw it upwards like a regular ball. This will create a shorter fall distance and therefore an easier catch. For a greater challenge the child can hold the 'tail' and fling it way up into the clouds! This makes it much more tricky for a child to catch the Shooting Star as it falls from a greater height. 

The Skytail can also be passed back and forth between two (or more) children as an interactive 'throw and catch' game. This can promote positive social skills while refining hand-eye coordination and control. 

The Shooting Star and Rainbow Skytails are safe and soft. The trailing silk tail is as beautiful to touch as it is to observe. The star contains a small rubber ball (so that it will bounce slightly) but this is covered in stuffing and coated in silk. This keeps it soft enough to ensure a child's comfort and safety during throwing games.