Skwooshi Activity Set

Montessori Child

$15.00 $30.00



"Skwooshi" dough shares many similarities with kinetic sand but with an added twist - it can stretch and squish!

It possesses an almost organic feel in the way that it moves in the hands. It can be pressed into defined shapes but can also be squeezed or stretched (almost like a piece of melted cheese stretching from the slice of pizza to your mouth!)

This means that the dough can not only be moulded or cut into shapes, but the surface of it can also be imprinted with impressions and patterns.

This offers not only an engaging sensory experience but a fascinating scientific exploration of ideas such as viscosity. 

The Activity Set comes with three colours of Skwooshi dough, four 'cookie cutters' for making shapes, a brick mould, a shapes mould and a pattern roller.