Sliding Maze

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The Sliding Maze combines fine motor control with early numeracy skills.

The child must clutch the sliding orange peg and carefully manipulate it along the path to navigate the maze. Along the route are numerals from 1 to 8 (in order). The child can use the orange peg to stop at each number.

With an adult's scaffolding the Maze can help to reinforce the child's recognition of the verbal name and written symbol for the numerals. The numerals also appear with different coloured backgrounds, meaning that an adult could suggest that the child visit a "pink" spot. 

In my own classroom this Maze is enjoyed primarily by our two year olds.
For slightly younger children (18 months plus) it is enjoyed as simply a sliding game, with no emphasis on the numerals. These younger children don't necessarily complete the maze from start to finish in a fluid movement but, instead, experiment with moving the peg back and forth or up and down. 
For older children, of 3 years of age, this is an enjoyable remedial or relaxation activity. It is a low-pressure experience that a child can revisit when they are in need of some cognitive rest. 

The wooden board measures approximately 28cm x 28cm.