Large Rainbow Stacking & Nesting Boxes




These beautiful nesting boxes from Grimm's Spiel & Holz in Germany. The set of six wooden boxes reflect the colours of the rainbow in order - red, orange, yellow, green, blue then purple (representing indigo and violet). 

The boxes nest within one another but can also be used for stacking. The presence of the rainbow colours also means that the boxes can be used for colour sorting activities (or for colour coded storage). 

The boxes are sturdy yet light-weight so that a young child can comfortably lift, stack, nest and sort with them. A toddler, who is driven to engage in movement, will enjoy carrying the boxes from one place to another or stretching up high to place the final box on top of the tower.

I have also observed children turning these boxes into makeshift drums! Each of the boxes creates a slightly different tone when struck gently with the hands. A child can surround himself or herself with the boxes to create a rainbow drum kit!

Once stacking & sorting no longer appeal to the child, or this activity is simply out of roation on the self, these quality boxes can be used for storage or presentation of small objects. 

The largest cube measures approximately 15cm x 15cm.

The smallest measures approx 5cm x 5cm.