Small Rainbow Stacking Tower


13 cm tall with lovely hand-dyed pieces this is the perfect 'starter' for a child who is developing the hand-eye coordination for stacking.

The set includes just five moveable pieces, plus the solid base. Each piece represents one colour of the rainbow spectrum in order - red, orange, yellow, green and blue plus the purple base.

The top, smallest piece features a self-correcting mechanism as it acts as a solid cap with an indent on one side only rather than a hole threaded through both sides. This means that it can only be placed on the top, helping to provide a natural reminder of the 'large to small' pattern of the tower. 

The Small Rainbow Stacking Tower is from Grimms Spiel und Holz design. Grimms is a world-renowned brand specializing in high-quality, engaging and whimsical children's resources. There are many imitators of the Grimms style, but in my opinion nothing comes close to the quality and longevity of Grimms resources. All of the Grimms products certainly encapsulate the famous Germans sense of craftsmanship and precision. Grimms has a strong respect for the beauty and power of wood (as did Maria Montessori) and they particularly acknowledge the way that wood interacts with the child's senses. As such, Grimms choose to only varnish the wood with subtle colours and oil so that the grain of the wood remains somewhat visible and it retains its rustic appeal.

The wood used in the Small Rainbow Stacking Tower is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. All colours and oil varnishes are safe and non-toxic and comply with international safety standards.