Solar System Puzzle

Heebie Jeebies



This 80 piece puzzle is the perfect challenge for a little learner with a big interest in our solar system. When complete the puzzle measures 32 x 25cm.

The top half of the puzzle displays a realistic arrangement of our solar system, with the sun at the centre and the planets in orbit.

The lower half of the puzzle focuses more closely on each planet and shows each of the moons of those planets.

The imagery on the puzzle is high quality and realistic. The patterns, colours and text all provide 'clues' to guide the placement of puzzle pieces.


The completed puzzle is featured on the exterior of the box, which can act as a guide, or a self-correcting mechanism, for a child who would like to scaffold, or check, his/her progress.

It took me (a 'grown up'!) around 10 minutes to put the puzzle together for the first time (without referring to the box image). A group of 4 or 5 year old children could quite comfortably complete the puzzle with enough time, teamwork and occasional input from an adult. An older child, between 6-12, could work on the task independently.

The puzzle is also unique as it features plastic pieces, rather than cardboard. I usually steer clear of plastic but this is one circumstance where plastic is practical and purposeful. Firstly, the plastic pieces last much longer than cardboard (which tends to fray under the pressure of frequent use) and can therefore withstand the traffic of lots of eager hands. Secondly, the plastic pieces actually connect so firmly that the puzzle becomes like a poster. The completed puzzle can be fitted into the two gold 'feet' so that it stands up to create a beautiful display.

A 'side view' of the puzzle when standing...