Solid Multi-tone Drum


The ideal first drum for musical toddlers and a beautiful sensory experience for pre-schoolers. 

As the name suggests this is a "Solid" drum - the top is wooden, not stretched 'skin', so it is sturdy and strong. This is a particularly positive feature for little ones who are still in the process of learning how to use the drumstick to gently strike the drum. 

The Solid Drum arrives with a small wooden drumstick with a safe rubber tip. The rubber tip also helps to 'soften' or 'dampen' the sound slightly. This makes the sound more pleasing to the ear for the child (and for the nearby adult!). As a child strikes the drum they will discover that a different tone is elicited from various spots! 

I particularly love the aesthetics of this gorgeous little drum. It allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through as the primary focus, with a simple yet striking pattern decorating the edges. It looks fantastic on the shelf, either in a home or a classroom, and is sure to invite a child's interest.