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Space Projector Dome


An enchanting experience for children and adults alike! Each Projector Dome shines a different element of the universe; the Earth, the Galaxy, the Full Moon and the galaxy of Andromeda (see gallery for images).

Simply place the base of the Projector Dome into water and the projection will appear! Only a tiny drop of water is needed (even damp fingertips will do!).The Projector Domes are activated by water because they are originally intended as a bath light for adults. The domes are designed to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in a darkened bathroom. I am sure many Montessori mums (and dads!) are extremely deserving of this soothing sensory trip to space. Children would equally enjoy the experience - in fact, it could be a great incentive for those children who usually avoid bath time! 

The size of the projection depends on the distance from the ceiling / surface.

The Projector comes with batteries already included (3 x CR1025 microcell batteries) so it is ready to use as soon as you open the box!

The projectors are so portable that they allow for a great deal of open-ended exploration and creativity. Each projector is quite small so a child is able to 'hold the world in the palm of the hands' (as shown by my 11-year-old niece's hands below!). This enables the child to carry and position the projector independently. The Projectors are polyhedrons - they have the appearance of a spherical dome but with flat faces so it will not roll away. 

In a classroom or at home they could be used in a darkened relaxation area or inside a cubby house or tent. At home it would be a beautiful 'night light' as a child falls asleep.

They can be particularly effective as part of an exploration of light and darkness, as they project beautifully inside a 'dark den'. The dark den is a concept that is gaining popularity in early childhood environments. A 'den' area is created (either through a commercially available structure or with a 'DIY' construction) where light is restricted or completely blocked out. The child then explores a variety of materials (such as a torch, glow sticks, disco balls, glowing objects) to create a sensory and scientific exploration of light, dark, shadow and colour. Some inspiration about dark dens is available here, here and here!

When the projectors first arrived on my doorstep my niece helped me open the box and we spent the next few hours creating a universe around the house! Emily enjoyed experimenting with various locations to compare the size, clarity and arrangements that she could make with the projectors. We discovered that we could house planets in the cupboard, project them way up onto the ceiling or make enormous looking planets inside our cubby house. In fact, we even projected planets underneath of some tables and in a make-shift blanket fort!


 Size comparison: Projector / iPhone 4