Stirring Xylophone




Develop motor-coordination and a love of music with our 'Stirring Xylo'. 

These special 'Stirring Xylophone' helps to inspire an ear for music while engaging the hands in the development of coordination and motor-control. 

The Stirring Xylophone features a handle under the base so your child can use his or her non-dominant hand to hold the instrument steady while manipulating the mallet in a smooth 'stirring' motion around the inside of the cylindrical xylophone. This is harder than it sounds and encourages ongoing practise, revision and refinement until your child achieves the ideal motion to produce the most flowing and beautiful sound. 
The instrument can also be 'tapped', in the manner of a traditional xylophone, to produce single notes at a time. These variations of methods allow a child to experiment with making different types of sounds and songs!