Stockmar Crayons


Stockmar Crayons are renowned for their high quality. They combine the natural with the vibrant - with beeswax forming the basis of the crayons and bright, vivid colours springing forth with each mark!

Choose a set of 8 strong colours from the cylindrical Stick Crayon or start with the classic Block style.

The Stick Crayons allow for precision and detail.

The Block style allows for varying styles - the corner provides a thin line, the sides offering thick blocks.

Each set of 8 comes neatly tucked into its own little metal tin. This provides a traditional, classic look but also makes the crayons feel even more like an inviting treasure just waiting to be discovered! When it is time to pack away the tins provide natural encouragement for the child to restore order by placing each crayon carefully back into its home.

Why do so many people love Stockmar? They have enormous sensory appeal, with the vibrant colours, the smooth texture and the extremely subtle, pleasant odour (not the strong "plasticky" smell that many crayons give off). They are also long-lasting, providing countless artistic opportunities without snapping or becoming dull. The lines appear smoothly, without the crumbling or flaking of cheaper crayons, and the drawn wax can be thick enough for advanced techniques like melting and scraping. 

A four year old discovers a rainbow hiding in the Stick crayons. She helpfully shows a clever trick for easily removing each crayon as its needed - simply push down on the tip with one finger so that the other end pops up to be collected by the other hand.


A three year old's colourful self expression with the Block Crayons, showing then how to neatly pack them back into their set.


A six year old showcases different methods for controlling the Block crayons to create unique patterns.

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