Storage Turntable

Steady Sticks



This great storage tool features five small metal buckets resting on a circular spinning turntable. The turntable measures approximately 27cm in diameter. The buckets are 10cm tall with a diameter of around 9cm at the top. The buckets are nestled into round grooves in the turntable (rather than sitting on top of a flat surface). This helps to prevent spills while the turntable is in motion. The stability is also assisted by the turning mechanism, which is smooth and not overly quick.

This item is usually marketed as a 'Craft Turntable', and it certainly can be used for that function, but it can also be used for other storage and sorting purposes.

For instance, if you are needing to store the child's tools in a deep storage space (such as a standard kitchen cupboard, rather than a purpose built child's shelf) then it can sometimes be hard for the child to see, reach and access the items at the back. Placing the items into the buckets on the turntable means that the child can simply turn it to access a needed tool. It also helps the child to maintain a sense of order and organisation. 

The storage system can also act as a 'sorting exercise' in itself. The different buckets can be designated as vessels for certain types of items. For instance: pencils, textas, chalk, paintbrushes and crayons. When the child returns an item to its home there is a sense of 'sorting' and categorisation occurring. These skills can be enhanced by further abstracting or generalising the categories. For instance, kitchen items could be sorted by function: mixing, sifting, cutting, transferring, measuring. If the child wishes to return a pair of tongs to the caddy then he or she first needs to identify its function (transferring). 

Any storage or sorting system can be quickly enhanced by printing labels that correspond to the categories. This invites a touch of literacy into proceedings while also helping to maintain the sense of organisation! A place for everything, and everything in its place!


The buckets can be removed from the turntable, which allows both elements to be used for separate purposes. The buckets could become part of transferring exercises, or used in the garden. The turntable could be used as a 'lazy susan' on a classroom dining table - perhaps with each slot housing a bowl of snacks that can be spun around for each child to easily access.