Strawberry Jug


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I am completely in love with this cute little Strawberry Jug! 
(Perhaps part of me loves it so much because of nostalgia for my childhood hero - Strawberry Shortcake!).
The ceramic Strawberry Jug measures 10cm tall with a top diameter of around 6.5cm. 
It has an extremely prominent and tapered pouring spout. This is absolutely ideal for young children who are just mastering the skills involved in pouring to a specific point. 
It is ideal to initially help pre-schoolers learn to pour with two hands - one holding the handle (usually the dominant hand, if known) and the other resting just beneath the spout.
The Strawberry Jug is the perfect little size for a young child's drink. Personally it makes sense to me to use it for exactly what its design suggests - for strawberry juice! We use our Cold Press Juicer to extract the sweet syrupy juice from the strawberry (and the pulp can be used in recipes, to make sorbet or just to eat it!).
Our Strawberry Jug in action in our own classroom with our Fruit Dishes, Hedgehog Chopping Board and Flower Colander!
The Strawberry Jug is the perfect size for a pre-schooler to carry comfortably. The use of ceramic - a breakable material - helps to encourage children to engage in safe, careful and responsible handling. It will break if it falls and this provides a natural incentive for the child to feel protective of this special treasure.
The Strawberry Jug holds the right amount for a young child's drink - but an older child (or adult!) could easily continue using it as a milk creamer.