Tabletop Blackboard/Whiteboard

Montessori Child

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This unique 2 in 1 tabletop resource offers both a blackboard and a whiteboard to inspire artistic and written expression. 

The hinge on the side allows the board to be easily tilted to a range of different angles so that it best suits the needs of the individual child. 

It is sturdy and secure yet also conveniently portable so that it can be used in a range of locations, both indoors and outside. 

The board itself measures 60cm wide by 40cm tall. This quite large backdrop ensures that this is a useful resource for children at a range of developmental stages, from those young ones who are still making large 'global' whole arm movements for their mark-making through to those who have refined their coordination to more localised, precise drawing or writing. 

It is designed as a tabletop resource but can also be placed on the floor. 

The base is solid and provides a convenient 'tray' to store chalk, textas and erasers. 

The Tabletop Board can be 'hacked' to become an art easel, either by using a large clip to secure the paper to the frame at the top of the board or by placing some blue-tack behind the paper to secure it to the board itself. 

The Tabletop Board is made using non-toxic and child safe materials.

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