The Book With No Pictures

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A children's book without pictures?

Perhaps you're thinking, "where's the fun in that?"

The answer is easy - the fun is in the words! And that's the whole point!

The Book With No Pictures is a unique concept that helps children to focus on the power of the written word. With no pictures to distract, the child is engaged and amused by the language alone.

There will be no shortage of giggles as a child is immersed in the hilarious way that the book plays with letters as though they're playdough, moulding them into new and silly sounds that the adult reading it has to make!

But my own words can't do it justice - let's leave that to the author himself, BJ Novak (who also amuses adults by writing for American sitcoms, such as 'The Office'). Click here to watch the heartwarming video of BJ Novak delighting a room full of children with his words alone. 

The Book With No Pictures gets children thinking about language, and helps them to build, maintain or deepen their positive attitude towards literacy. I'd particularly recommend this book if a child has sadly been pressured into viewing reading as a 'chore' or a strain - this books help to re-inject the joy, which should be inherent in all reading experiences!

This book is ideal for children from ages 3 and up - and I won't put an upper age range on it because I genuinely love it and apparently I'm a "grown up"!