Tin Music Box "Hurdy Gurdy"


A quaint and cute music box that inspires hand-eye coordination as well as musical appreciation!

As the child winds the handle the music begins to play.

The child learns 'cause and effect': "when I turn the handle, the sound appears, when I stop, the music stops!" 

The child also begins to notice that there is a connection between the speed and smoothness of his (or her) movements and the flow of the music. Turning the handle too roughly, or quickly, makes the song disjointed and unrecognisable. This acts as a natural 'self-correcting mechanism' which encourages the child to focus on creating a controlled, flowing motion. 

This is undoubtedly a "cute" item, and a lovely musical instrument, but what are its other practical applications?
Firstly I find this a really useful tool for extending the challenge of the Walking the Line exercise. A child who is successfully navigating the careful "heel-to-toe" steps along the line can be challenged by the introduction of the Music Box. Suddenly two different parts of the body must be coordinated together; the gently stepping toes and the smoothly turning hand. To get an idea of how tricky (but fun!) this might be for a child you might like to take a moment to try to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time! 
I also find the Music Box to be a beautiful addition to our rest and relaxation areas. There seems to be something very soothing about slowly, methodically winding the handle and absorbing the music. Perhaps it's a little like the repetitive motion of raking the sand in a Zen garden; a small amount of concentration and physical engagement is required, but it allows enough space for the mind to rest, reflect and recover. 

Comes in four different designs, each with a different melody. The cute, retro-inspired designs include Space, Ladybugs, Robots and Elephants all of which can be seen in our photo gallery. Please note that each design is sold separately - you can choose your design preference from the drop-down menu.