Tiny Wooden Bowl


These miniature wooden bowls are the perfect size to house tiny treasures or to be used as part of an activity tray.

Two sizes to choose from - 7cm or 10cm (diameter). 

It perfectly showcases the natural beauty of acacia wood. 

The Tiny Wooden Bowl protecting a treasure trove of crystals. This provides a point of interest for a child to engage in open-ended exploration.

The Tiny Wooden bowl holding a small array of shells to inspire a sensory exploration of patterns, colours, shapes and textures.

The Tiny Wooden Bowl acting as a vessel for a colour sorting exercise. The activity refines the recognition of colours (in this case, purple and green) while involving the hands in fine motor movement.


The Tiny Wooden Bowl again housing the elements of a sorting exercise - this time separating coriander seeds from corn kernels with tweezers in an extremely challenging and advanced fine motor exercise.