Tiny Wooden Compartment Bowls


This set of two miniature wooden bowls is the perfect size to house tiny treasures or to be used as part of an activity tray.

It measures approximately 11 x 4.5cm. Each bowl has a diameter of approximately 4.5cm. The Compartment Bowls come with two tiny wooden spoons, each measuring approximately 7.5cm. These can be used with the Compartment Bowls or used separately.

It perfectly showcases the natural beauty of acacia wood. The set is actually intended to be a condiment set, so if it is used at home then it could have a second life once a child is no longer using it!

The Tiny Wooden Compartment Bowls acting as a receptacle for a colour sorting exercise. The activity refines the recognition of colours (in this case, purple and green) while involving the hands in fine motor movement.


The Tiny Wooden Compartment Bowls again housing the elements of a sorting exercise - this time separating coriander seeds from corn kernels with tweezers in an extremely challenging and advanced fine motor exercise.