Totli Box


The Totli Box is an innovative and Montessori-inspired play box that encourages exploration and engagement for little learners. It has been thoughtfully designed by early childhood experts with the goal of encouraging hands-on play that nurtures curiosity and introduces a range of concepts. 

The Totli Box is like an 'all in one' of many favourites loved by babies and toddlers. It offers opportunities for posting, sorting, stacking and introduces concepts such as object permanence and cause and effect. This makes it an ideal investment for a home environment, where a parent might value a long-lasting resource that can be explored in many different ways and grow with their child. 

The Totli Box is a small wooden box - crafted with safe, sustainable and durable materials - with each side featuring a different slot or opening. It comes with a range of inviting accessories to spark a child's curiosity, including three soft and colourful sensory scarves, six rainbow coins that can be used for posting or stacking, and two sensory balls.

The attention to detail within the Totli Box is amazing, as each component has been carefully considered to enrich a child's skills and promote brain development. For instance, the two sensory balls are not only different textures but also contrasting weights so that the child may notice the comparison between 'heavy' and 'light'.

The Totli Box will engage lots of independent exploration, but it also offers almost endless opportunities for interactive play between an attentive adult and child. A parent or educator can model the different elements of the play box, or be responsive to the child's actions - such as pulling out a disc that a child posts, and returning it to the child to encourage them to repeat the activity! A nurturing adult can also use the Totli Box to start role modelling lots of rich pieces of language, describing the colours, shapes and textures that the Totli Box contains!

Loved by over 25,000+ parents and designed to grow with each child's developmental journey, it is suitable for ages 8 months to over 3 years. 

The Totli brand prides itself on its eco-friendly credentials, including the use of plastic-free and recyclable packaging and ethically sourced and free-trade production of their resources.