Transport Sorting Set



Does it float on the water, drive on the road or fly in the sky? That's the question a child will answer with this special sorting set. Perfect for a child who is fascinated by vehicles (which seems to be an area of special interest for many young children!)

The set consists of 33 realistic models of different types of vehicles, vessels and aircrafts. These are accompanied by three ready-made category cards to inspire a child to sort the models according to whether they float on water, drive on the road or fly in the sky.

Please note: There are 12 sea vessels and 12 aircrafts but only 9 road vehicles. We therefore recommend initially presenting the sorting activity with only 9 of the sea and air vehicles included. This provides a 'self-correcting' mechanism by ensuring that each category will end up with the same quantity of vehicles in it!

This set is also a great opportunity to introduce a child to new language!

Children will love learning the names of the different vehicles and vessels - including new and interesting terms such as 'blimp', 'hot air balloon' or 'jet ski'! (A full list of the vehicles is available at the bottom of the page!)

The models also provide an engaging foundation for learning about elements of language such as adjectives ("please pass me the big, yellow bus") and prepositions ("the sail boat is behind the cruise ship"). An adult could work with a child to deliberately model these terms, or they will be likely to arise spontaneously if a group of children use the activity together!

The models also provide a realistic foundation for imaginative dramatic play. This ensures that the material is open-ended and can remain engaging to a child for a range of purposes and play experiences.


List of models:

Water: Cruise liner, sail boat, jet ski, cargo boat, motorboat, windsurfer, personal propeller, raft, submarine, tug boat, battleship, steam boat.

Road: Police car, school bus, motorbike, delivery truck, sports car, fire truck, all-terrain vehicle (orange quad bike), pick up truck, semi-truck.

Sky: Hot air balloon, jet plane (green), space shuttle, shunt plane (orange body, blue wings), jumbo jet (orange body, blue engines), blimp, helicopter, small aircraft (blue plane), plane (brown), parachutist, executive jet (yellow), concorde (white body, red wings).