Trio of Containers




I rarely invite plastic into my Montessori environment but I make an exception for these containers based purely on convenient colour coordination.

The (somewhat uncommon) combination of pink, blue and green perfectly suits two aspects of my Montessori classroom.

These three colours reflect the Montessori early literacy series*. In the Montessori early word-building and reading lessons the work begins with the Pink Series (3 letter phonetic words) then the Blue Series (4 or more letter phonetic words) and finally the Green Series (for words including a phonogram). The pink, blue and green containers are therefore useful for storing or presenting these language cards or activities.


The colours also conveniently correlate with readily available colours of sponges. At my own preschool we use pink, blue and green sponges; each with its own purpose. Pink sponges are only to be used on dishes in the sink. Blue sponges are used for cleaning liquid spills. Green sponges are used with our natural detergent to thoroughly clean surfaces. The children are aware of these categories, partly because the teachers provide presentations but also because we keep clear charts in the classroom identifying the different purposes for the sponges. These coloured containers correspond to those three types of sponges. They are also small enough to place easily on the shelf without taking up too much space. They can be used simply to hold the sponges (to prevent a damp sponge from resting on, and therefore damaging, a wooden surface). They can also be used as a vessel to hold the drips that a child squeezes out of a damp sponge.


The Trio of Containers come in a square, round or oblong shape.



*Please note: Some training institutes might use slightly different colours, but the majority of Montessori training follows the pink, blue, green pattern.