Veggie Sidewalk Chalk

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It's no surprise to discover that this clever product is made by a mum! The range of 'edible art' products is designed to respond to the fact that young children love to explore with all of their senses. Sometimes the visual appeal of painting becomes so strong that the child decides to check if the art tastes as beautiful as it looks! With the Veggie Sidewalk Chalk you can feel confident that the occasional taste-test will do no harm to your precious little one. It is certainly not intended to be a 'food', but it is made with all natural food-based ingredients to ensure that the occasional mission into the mouth will do no harm.


This product is ideal for toddlers babies and toddlers who still have a very strong desire to explore the world with the lips and tongue. Any parent or educator will know that at this young age a child seems to have an almost irrepressible desire to place interesting objects to (or in!) the mouth. This is certainly something which can cause some anxiety for carers, who feel the urge to intervene to avoid the taste-testing. With the Veggie Chalk there is no need for an adult to feel anxious, and no need for bub's explorations to be interrupted. 


Pre-school age children can also enjoy the benefits of creating with such natural, non-toxic finger paints. This is particularly true for children who belong to families who follow vegan or all-natural approaches. Many families put an enormous amount of time and effort into ensuring that they offer foods, cleaning products and other household items that carry no artificial colours, chemicals or preservatives - so why not apply the same principle to art supplies?! 


The five chalk colours are made from entirely natural ingredients. The products are entirely vegan, completely lead-free and contain absolutely no wheat, dairy, sugar or preservatives - so they are not only "safe" to consume but are also appropriate for the sensitive diets of children with allergies or intolerances. 


The chalk is ideal for use on sidewalks or pavers as it shows up beautifully on these tactile surfaces.  


The chalk arrives in a handy and resealable packet which includes a full ingredient list for your peace of mind.


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Please note: We are obviously not suggesting that you actively encourage a child to eat chalk! This is not an ideal habit - as not all paints will be 'safe' to consume - so it is not something you should 'promote'. 

What we are suggesting is that the "mouthing" phase is a natural and necessary developmental stage in a child's life!
It is extremely challenging for an adult to try to constantly monitor and interrupt this instinct...and in fact it is not ideal for a child to be constantly admonished for acting on a natural impulse.

We are also responding to the undeniable fact that some parents and educators, eager to avoid the "mouthing" of paint, simply choose to restrict a child from artistic experiences, and this is such a shame from a sensory and creative perspective. 

We therefore feel that the Edible Art range allows both adult and child a sense of security and serenity as the child engages in a creative exploration. The adult does not need to actively suggest that the child 'eats' the paint, but nor does the adult have to panic if a few drops end up on the lips (or if a whole cup is consumed while the adult's back is turned!).